Are you new to the Summer Reading Challenge?

Here is everything you need to know about the BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge.

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

The Summer Reading Challenge is BookSparks’ biggest campaign of the year, where we share our picks for the hottest books of summer that everyone will be reading. To make it fun, we’ve created a challenge and invite you to read along with us and share your book pictures using our hashtag, #SRC2021. While we may have a different tagline or design each year, the basics of the Summer Reading Challenge remain the same – get copies of our book picks by requesting copies through NetGalley, purchasing them from your favorite indie bookstore, visiting your local library, or following @BookSparks on social for chances to win, and read along and post all summer.

Do I get free books when I sign up for #SRC2021?

Signing up for the Summer Bucket List Challenge is your way of letting us know that you’re reading along with us and want to be the first to know the latest SRC news. You are NOT signing up to receive free review copies of our titles. Our review copies are extremely limited and already allocated, and we cannot respond to requests for copies. We do make every effort to secure extra copies when possible and offer those to fans through our Review Network, our newsletter and on our Instagram account.

What is the Summer Bucket List?

The Summer Bucket List is the theme of our 2021 Summer Reading Challenge. It is a digital campaign, meaning you can read and participate in activities from anywhere. Create your Summer Reading Book-It List (or use ours) to check off books as you read them this summer, and create your Summer Bucket List (or use ours) of other activities you plan to do this summer. Share your lists, tagging @BookSparks and #SRC2021, so we know you are participating (and you’re entered to win the grand prize).

How Can I Participate?

Shop Small: It’s always important to support your local independent bookstore. We encourage you to purchase books through their online systems whenever possible.

Borrow: Head to your local library or borrow a copy from a friend or fellow bookstagrammer.

Win on Social: We are also giving away copies as we have them on our Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Share: Whenever you post about one of our #SRC2021 book picks, be sure to tag @BookSparks and the author.